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Welcome to the new SMS Technician Website!

Our safety trainings are now online, and meetings will continue at the shop periodically to review the material covered for the past few months' trainings.  


To Review the Current Month's training, (in an online power point) click on the training page and use the login and password that was texted to you for that month.


When you are done, simply go to the quizzes page to take the quiz.  Use the same login and password, and once you click "Submit" it will be automatically sent to the shop for review! 





Just a screwdriver that fell from above - the guy just happened to be wearing his hard hat - that really might have hurt a bit without one!

If you don't have these items on your truck - let Shannon know ASAP and we will make sure they are there for you to pick up at the next safety meeting:  Safety Glasses, Hard Hat, Fire Extinguisher for your vehicle,& Dust Masks.  Also, if you are low on any first aid supplies - we have refills of everything at the office - just contact me and I will leave a packet with Justin for you.








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